Since 1984, Capital Datacorp has been working in Sacramento providing technology solutions to private and public organizations of all sizes. Our customers appreciate our business values, responsiveness and flexibility. We are able to support their offices in the greater Sacramento area, throughout the State of California and across the nation.

As an established  business, our team is focused on delivering the right combination of resources. Bigger than the small guys, we provide a diversity of professional resources and skills. Smaller than the big guys, we are more responsive and flexible to your unique requirements. 

We invite you to discover how we can assist you, evaluate our capabilities, and see us deliver the right solutions for your organization.

Get the right product at the right price at the right time with one call. Leverage our tier 1 distribution warehouses, superior customer service representatives, and  deep manufacturer relationships. We specialize in government procurement and helping small and medium sized businesses. 
We back our sales with award winning service. Many of our manufacturer partners have authorized us to deliver their warranty services. Many of our customers look to us for their post warranty service and repairs on printers, computers, and network servers.
From desktop to data center, we can provide the level of support your organization needs. Choose from a menu of support services tailored to your unique requirements. Leverage our resources to compliment your staff and build a dynamic IT team.