Capital Datacorp has been providing IT products, services and solutions to local and state government entities since 1993.

Capdata has sold tens of millions of dollars to the government and this business market remains our largest market for sales of goods and services. We are a certified small business which allows us to participate in the State of Calfornia’s Small Business Option for procurements of products and services.

Our long term relationship gives us the expertise to work with the state that many entities may not have. We understand the nuances of how the state works and how it conducts business. We know the procurement vehicles and how they are used to procure products and services. Capdata has had several contracts in the past and were listed on SLP as well as having WSCA contracts.

Currently Capdata has (5) five CMAS contracts that provide products and services to the State and local government entities. These include theree products based CMAS contracts that lists around (70) seventy very popular IT manufacturers. In addition we have an IT Consulting CMAS contract and IT repair services CMAS contract.