Capital Datacorp has been providing managed services to businesses since 1990. Capdata has provided everything a business needs including IT products and technical support services.

Many of our managed service relationships go back several years because we have provided the support that they have always needed. Managed services takes all the pain away from companies who struggle to keep their technology current and functioning correctly.

Many companies simply do not have the resources to keep their users up and fully functional. Some can’t afford their own dedicated IT support staff so somebody gets “drafted” to provide the IT support as well as do the job they were hired to do. This kind of environment leads to a lot of frustration and often disturbs productivity.

Capdata provides a managed services solutions that alleviates this problem and it keeps everyone at peak productivity. The good news is that it prevents down times and it is all provided at a very reasonable monthly cost. Call Capital Datacorp today for your free consultation on how our managed services will save your company time, energy, money and frustration.