Capital Datacorp is a complete sales resource for technology hardware, software, and related goods. 

By leveraging the combined warehousing resources of all tier 1 distribution suppliers, we can get you the right product at the right price at the right time.
All customers can access our convenient e-commerce site. With it's aggregation of most tier 1 distributors, you get near real time access to search products, specifications, pricing, and order management.  
Customers with internal IT staff get a responsive resource to quote and locate products at a competitive price, and follow through to delivery. Even hard to find items can be sourced through our extensive tier 2 resources. 
Customers not sure what they need can discuss their issues and our account managers will recommend an appropriate solution.
And if you don't have the time or staff to install your products, we have the resources to provide those additional services.
Our goal is to make your job easier by connecting you with right the technology. Use us for
  • Easy shopping for all the equipment you need via our e-commerce store.
  • Getting quotes for hard to find items
  • Managing software licenses and renewals
  • Maintaining equipment with extended warranties

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