Warranties are a good way to extend the original manufacturer's warranty period and protect your investment over it's useful life. Extended warranties can be purchased at the time the original item is purchased or later as in a post warranty period.

Depending upon the equipment covered and the type of terms and response you need, most manufacturers offer a wide assortment of warranties options. Warranties can cover critical equipment failures, parts and labor, rapid response, stored depot parts, advanced exchange, and other assurances that failures can be recovered in the appropriate time frames.
We are licensed by the CA State Dept. Of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Electronic Appliance Repair # E 84298 to offer extended warranty plans. See our  Certificate Attached 
Contact us with your warranty requirements and rest assured your equipment will be up and running when you need it. In fact, some vendors have authorized us to perform their warranty work so you can call us directly. 

Strategic Warranty Vendors

hppanel Hewlett Packard
  • Service Authorized
    • Printers
    • Computers
    • Servers
  • Care Packs
sonicwallpanel SonicWALL
  • Support Contracts
xeroxpanel Xerox
  • Service Authorized
    • Phasers
    • WorkCenters
  • Warranty Contracts
ciscopanel Cisco
  • SMARTNet contracts
brotherpanel Brother
  • Service Authorized
  • Warranty Contracts
okidatapanel Okidata
  • Service Authorized
  • Warranty Contracts