IT Staffing and IT Consulting

Capital Datacorp has been providing IT consulting and professional services for many years to all kinds of clients and that includes departments in the State of California and corporate entities too. Our IT Staffing manager has placed over 200 IT consultants with the State on both small and large projects. In addition Capdata has a CMAS contract which allows a very easy procurement vehicle for the State of California and local government entities.

IT Staffing Methodology That Works

Capdata is not a company that just throws consultants up against the wall and hope that something sticks. Instead we have a well thought through technology that has proven to be extremely successful. When we provide staff we do a whole person analysis of potential candidates to ensure that they not only can do the work but can also thrive as a team member in our client’s organization.

Our staff has the methodologies, solutions, tools and resources to solve every information technology need through a highly qualified consultant. Capdata uses a variety of sources to find qualified consultants. Our team looks at each and every staffing request to determine how to fill the position with the best possible technical expertise with a very quick response time.

First, we check our pool of highly qualified associates. These associates are tried and true and have proven to be successful on past or current projects.

Secondly, Capdata will use highly regarded internet search tools to find qualified candidates from all over the country. 

Third, Capdata works with other proven and responsive IT staffing partners to fill our client’s staffing needs.

References are checked to ensure that the client is getting everything they hoped for in a consultant.  At our client’s request, we run each finalist through a drug screen and criminal background check before they start. Capdata’s quest for customer satisfaction does not end after we get the individual placed on a project.  Capdata follows up with the client and the consultant to make sure that the situation is good for both parties.  Our goal is total customer satisfaction and this satisfaction starts first with the consultant that we place at our clients.  Happy consultants make better staff and in the end these happy consultants give our clients services that accomplishes the project’s tasks and deliverables with speed and efficiency.

We provide temporary IT staffing as well at temp to perm and permanent placements.  Capdata can staff and place technical talent nationwide wherever the project might be. Finally, Capital Datacorp has the financial resources to cover our placed consultants while they are staffed on our client’s projects. 

IT Consulting That Makes a Difference

Sometimes our clients don’t really need a consultant that comes and provides services onsite under the direction of their manager.  Sometimes what is really needed is a subject matter expert who knows how to make assessments and then provides solutions to the problems identified in the assessment. Capdata has seasoned sales engineers and technical experts who can spend some hours onsite, provide an assessment and then make recommendations that brings our solutions that make our client’s IT situations much better.

We Have a Subject Matter Expert for You

So whether our client needs IT Consulting or IT Staffing, the reality is that Information Technology has become very specialized and finding just the right kind of consulting or consultant can seem almost impossible. That is where Capdata shines. You tell us what your need is and we can provide either the IT Consulting or IT Staffing to bring success to the situation.

Capdata provides the following consultants just when you need them: Program Manager, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Programmer, Software Developer, Web Designer, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Security Engineer, Data Engineer, Telecommunications Engineer, Systems Administrator, Enterprise Architect, Software Architect, Technical Writer, Documentation Specialist, Testing Specialist, Org Change Consultant, Business Process Consultant, IV&V Consultant, IPOC Consultant, Repair Technicians, Management Consulting, and IT Subject Matter Experts of every kind.